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We are in process of building activewear clothing that enhances your functionality with thoughtful designs and advanced 3D garmenting techniques.




On a morning jog, in the middle of a pandemic, in a pair of uncomfortable shorts, takes us to the genesis of 5 AM.
The brand aims to provide the right gear for every athlete with a fine balance between fashion and sports. Every design undergoes a technical calibration from concept to construction by usage of modern 3D garmenting that enhances accuracy for our products. Every garment is tested on a custom 3D Avatar created by our technical team of designers. This digital process allows us to generate lesser waste and contribute towards a small step in making our planet more sustainable.
First off in the legacy of using digital fashion on every stage of its business, 5 AM is a homegrown brand driven by thought over design. Stepping forward as designers and collaborators, our philosophy is to give the right gear to every athlete. As our tagline goes, ‘Your game our gear’, we aim to design activewear that enhances and aids to the natural movement and flow of any performance.

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While we are behind the scenes, we want to make sure you have a good time landing on our website. As we believe, It’s not just the clothes, it’s an overall experience of association.

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